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The very first Duplo People

The very first DuploŽ People

This site presents an album of over 450 LegoŽ DuploŽ figures or minifigs that LegoŽ introduced in 1983 as 'Big DUPLO figures with movable arms and legs'. These figures with arms, legs and many kinds of facial features and outfits are also referred to as DuploŽ people. Are the figures really big? The tallest DuploŽ figure or person with movable arms and legs is about 6.5 cm. The shortest DuploŽ person is about 4.5 cm. Most figures weigh less than 18 grams.

The LegoŽ DuploŽ people have appeared in DuploŽ sets released 1983-2001, in LegoŽ Explore sets 2002-2003 and again in DuploŽ sets starting in 2004. The name "Duplo" is imprinted in the legs of each LegoŽ DuploŽ person that has been released 1983-2003.

The album contains photos of more than 450 DuploŽ People and information of 430+ LegoŽ DuploŽ sets that contain DuploŽ people. The album currently contains over 90% of the people in the 430+ sets. As information of discontinued and new sets or DuploŽ people becomes available it will be added to the album. Up to 460 distinct DuploŽ people are estimated to have been released 1983-2007.

The very first DuploŽ people were three men released in sets in 1983.

Very first DuploŽ people released in 1983.

Observe their simple plain outfit, no nickles or dimes, buttons, zippers, pockets or decorations on their clothing. All facial features are symmetrical. The nose and lips are marked as curved lines. All eyes have almond-like shape. The iris is black. The sclera is skin color. The skin colored sclera is only seen in DuploŽ people released 1983-1988. The sclera is white in all DuploŽ people released 1989 and later.

The very first DuploŽ woman appeared in 1985. The following year more women were released.

Very first women released in 1985 and 1986.

The first DuploŽ women look like they were clones of the DuploŽ men. The faces and outfits of the first women are exactly like the first mens'. All the first men and women are looking to the left. Both men and women have eyebrows, none have eyelashes. The hair style and hats appear to be the only way to distinguish women and men.

The LegoŽ part number of these first DuploŽ people is 4555. Unique characteristics of part# 4555 are their rectangular or boxy body shape, their straight arms and legs with a 3 mm open space between their legs. They are all grown-ups. The height is between 6.2 and 6.5 cm depending on hat and hair style.

Since 1983 many new facial features, outfits, hat and hair styles have been introduced. Instances of figure part# 4555 were released as late as 2003. More than 270 DuploŽ people of part# 4555 have been released. As of 2004 more than 73% of all Duplo people were part# 4555.

The very first children were released in 1986.

Very first children released in 1986.

The girl and boy on the left side look to the left like the men and women. The mouths and noses are marked with a curved line. The eyes have an egg-like shape. The baby has eyes that are shaped like a circle. She is looking up. When you think of a baby it might be lying in a crib looking up. The baby's nose is unmarked, perhaps for a symbolic reason. Observe that the baby and girl both have eyelashes. The boy has freckles. None of the children have eyebrows. The LegoŽ part number of these first children is 4943. Notice that there is no open space between their legs.

The DuploŽ people are by some considered the signature of a set. On average a DuploŽ person appears about three times in sets. There are Duplo people who have only appeared in one set. There are Duplo people who has appeared in as many as 13 sets. If you are looking for a set and you know what one of the DuploŽ people in the set looks like you may use this album to locate the set number. It is a lot easier to locate a set if you can limit the search to 3, 6 or 10 sets. This album makes that possible.

You may browse the album in many different ways for example by hat, hair style or by a selected facial feature. You may explore which DuploŽ people have freckles, eyelashes, glasses etc. and which DuploŽ people who don't.

The idea of an album came out of observations that the details of DuploŽ people are barely exposed in catalogs and web sites and also my curiosity of the origin of each Duplo person and a fascination for categorizing things in different ways. Sometimes I have looked for a specific DuploŽ person. I had no idea what set to look for or how to find out what year a specific DuploŽ person had been released. An album also makes it feasible and easier to compare many instances of one type of DuploŽ people e.g. firemen.

Over time I hope that DuploŽ collectors will visit the site whenever they seek useful and fun information about DuploŽ people. Happy browsing!

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